6 ft KVM USB HDMI Cable with Audio


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CCHDKVM06 6ft USB HDMI KVM Switch Cable (w/ Audio) integrates HDMI video quality with USB mouse and keyboard, 3.5mm audio out connections into a single compact cable.

This high-quality, convenient 3-in-1 KVM cable is a cost-effective solution that's suitable for use with any HDMI supported USB KVM switch, allowing you to share display and USB peripherals between multiple computers configured for high definition output.

Question: How do you get the keyboard and mouse response from a single USB cable? Don't you need a USB cable for each?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Standard KVM Switches use USB type A to USB type B cables, such as the one integrated into this CCHDKVM06 KVM cable, for keyboard, mouse, and USB peripheral devices; The single USB-B 'upstream' connector that connects to the KVM switch can pull multiple USB sources from a single USB-A 'downstream' connector.

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